WOW ? what a night.
The Scorpion Cup has been run and done. What a show put on by the WSSS cars.

Congratulations to Chris Marino on winning, 2nd Shaun Devoodi and 3rd Steven Walsh.

So many people to thank, Western Sydney Street Stockers (WSSS) for letting us put on the Scorpion Cup, thanks guys and girls for one hell of a nights racing.

A big thanks to Shaun Devoodi from Tint Me Up for donating the prize money. Thanks again Shaun.

We couldn’t of had a better reception from a track and crowd, as we did last night from Nowra Speedway. The team went out of their way to help and make the night the huge success it was. The shoot out even got the guys saying it was one of the best racing they have seen down at the track.

To my scorpion grid girls. Thank you to Chrissy Basford and my daughter Mackenzie for stepping in and covering these roles ( long story, but for another day). Without you two we wouldn’t have gotten the reception we did. You lady’s rock it. ?

I have to say a big thank to my wife Sam
for backing me on the Cup as she is my greatest supporter and couldn’t have done it without her.

To the DFR TEAM a massive thanks for not only being a great team to support and sponsor but just being great people in this sport we love. Your support in getting the cup up and running was really appreciated.

So with the Scorpion Cup run for 2019, let’s see what next season brings. Will there be another Cup??? Will WSSS have us back??? I know one thing, we will be pushing to make this an annual event.
Watch this space for time and venue.

Thanks everyone for the reception we had last night of the Scorpion Cup
Hopefully ,we will see you next year.

Scorpion Racewear