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About Us

Scorpion Racewear was founded on the principles of bringing the highest quality, budget-friendly race gear to the world of racing as there currently is not a suitable alternative for the budget conscientious racer.

Scorpion Racewear was founded by Nigel Harper & his family in 2015. Nigel has been directly involved in many forms of racing for the last 20+ years including Sprint Cars, Motocross/Supercross, Dragsters, 24hr Production car racing, and the list goes on.

Here at Scorpion Racewear, we pride ourselves on the highest quality product standards as well as excellent customer service – from the first contact & design stage through to the final product arriving at your door. All of our gear is custom designed in house to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

You May be asking: “Nigel, how do you keep your products at such an affordable level?” Well, keen-eyed shopper let me answer that for you: We don’t have the large overheads like other large companies, Scorpion racewear is run just by a small family in the heart of Penrith. This allows us to maintain standard levels and best the competition for quality and price. Our suits also comply with the current SFI & CIK standards ( FIA to come shortly – watch this space ) Safety is the most important thing to us here at Scorpion Racewear which is why we only use approved manufactures under each sports governing body. As a Racer myself, I would not sell something I personally would not race in myself or allow my family to wear.

Scorpion Racewear believes in helping out teams where ever we can, which is why we have two brand Ambassadors and multiple supported teams in Australia, New Zealand & the USA. To find out more about our amazing supported teams and drivers click on the “Supported” link at the top of the page or in the drill down menu on your Phone/Tablet.